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Will your suspension get you through when you need it to?

4WD Suspension

Suspension safety checks, servicing & upgrades

Owning a 4WD usually requires a little more understanding and know-how when it comes to your suspension. For some this will not be necessary as you may never leave the tarmac, for others the thought of rugged terrain is a challenge that needs to be conquered. At Everything Automotive we understand the requirements of your 4WD's suspension and the beating it receives when you take it off-road. Owning 4WD's ourselves and going bush every chance we get is part of our passion for the job we do. We know there are unpredictable moments that your suspension needs to operate beyond it's performance limit in order to get you and your family home safely.

Our 4WD servicing is a lot more in depth than typical on-road vehicle servicing. We fully test and check each component of your suspension, provide you with a full report and offer expert advice on everything from any issues we discover to necessary repairs and even upgrades to get more from your 4WD's suspension next time you go off-road. Call us or drop into our Woree workshop and discuss your 4WD needs with our expert mechanics.

Full diagnosis & safety check of your 4WD steering & suspension

We do recommend that you bring your vehicle in for a service before any big off-road trips to ensure your safety as best we can, or at least prepare you for any issues your vehicle may be likely to encounter based on it's condition. Remember that it is better to be prepared for the worst situation and not require it, than run into the worst situation and have no preparation at all.

  • A full steering check
  • Whether you have power steering, electric assisted steering or good old fashioned linkage only steering we will check it thoroughly and look for any leaks, rattles and looseness or play. We start at the steering wheel and systematically work our way down to the wheels covering hoses, fluid reservoirs, worm drive, tie rods and ball joints.

  • Suspension components
  • Your shocks, struts, springs, torsion bars and control arms are all very important components. We check them all for wear and tear, stress, damage and leakage, ensuring that your 4WD maintains it's peak performance.

  • Joints & bushes
  • Joints need to maintain their integrity and as such require plenty of the right kind of grease. We check and replenish all your greasable joints and replace any worn bushes with high quality Super Pro polyurethane bushes which are cheaper and quite often last much longer than the OEM standard ones.

  • Nuts, bolts, control arms & chassis check
  • When you are off-road there is no such thing as a smooth ride. Every jolt, rattle and bump can have the effect of loosening your nuts and bolts throughout your vehicle. Also the added stress of crushing drops, bumps and scrapes can twist, crack and warp your rails and supports.

  • Axles, bearings & diffs
  • Apart from your shocks, struts and springs these parts take most of the pain when off-road. We ensure they are topped up, fully greased, free moving and ready for more.

  • Upgrades
  • Parts that have broken once or twice before should either be carried as spares or upgraded! If we notice any excessive damage or wear we will make a note of it and ascertain why the components are under so much stress. This may involve a discussion with you as to what kind of use your car normally undergoes. If the wear is not from a defective part we may suggest an upgrade to the component/s to ensure greater longevity and performance in the future. We are also able to discuss and implement any upgrades to your suspension you may wish for your own performance preferences.

Book your 4WD in today

If you have any questions regarding your motor vehicle or our service please come in and see us. We love to meet with our customers, both old and new to keep you up to date on the condition and safety aspects of your vehicle. We are more than happy to take a quick look at your car, 4WD, SUV or light commercial vehicle and give you an appraisal as to it's condition and future service requirements.

Give us a call today on (07) 4054 6661 or book your vehicle in with our online booking form. We look forward to serving you!

Upgrades For Your 4WD Suspension

Serious off-road performance parts & upgrades fitted

We know the difference between driving on a dirt road and cutting your own path through the outback. Some of the best fishing spots and scenery are hundreds of kilometers off the beaten track and it takes a serious piece of equipment to get you there and back in one piece. We are able to fit any modifications, upgrades and performance parts you may wish and are able to turn your stock 4WD into a dirt eating beast if it is what you require.

We can source the parts for you or fit the parts you wish to supply us. Please note that if you purchase parts off the internet we will not be able to give you any warranty on the parts themselves and it will be up to you to organise with whomever you purchased them from. We will of course fit the parts for you, but it will be charged at the normal rate. All the parts we supply will have full warranty as we will deal directly with the importer or manufacturer and they cover the cost of replacement fitting along with the replacement part.

4WD with lift kit
4WD fitted with a lift kit
Off-road shocks
Some serious suspension
steering upgrades
4wd steering upgrades

All work is 100% Guaranteed!

We stand by our work and the quality of parts and consumables we use. After trying our service we know you will too! All work carried out comes with a full 12 month or 20,000km warranty and replacement guarantee.

If, for any reason the parts we have installed fail within 12 months or 20,000km (whichever applies first) we will happily cover the replacement of that part and the time to repair or install a new one. We have never had to cover any faulty workmanship to date, but if in the unlikely event that there is a fault caused by our workmanship, the full cost of repairs and replacement will be covered by us. When you trust us with your motor vehicle know that you are gaining much more than just a service or repair. With everything Automotive you are getting peace of mind and the knowledge that your vehicle is in the best possible condition every time you get on the road.

Parts & Labour 100% Guaranteed!
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