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Your cooling system can make the difference between getting home safely...or not at all.

Cooling System & Radiator Servicing & Repairs

Don't loose your cool over a few extra dollars!

Having a correctly functioning cooling system is one of the most crucial systems to maintain when living in the tropics. It only takes a few degrees before things can rapidly get out of hand if your cooling system isn't coping. Some of the main issues with your cooling system can be:

  • Blocked radiator cores
  • Little to no coolant in the system
  • Incorrect coolant
  • Stuck thermostat
  • Electric fans not cutting in when required
  • Cracked or leaking hoses
  • Warped head or cracked head gasket
  • Split seams on your radiator
  • Issues with your heater or heater hoses

All these issues can cause major failures in your cooling system, then, if not rectified quickly can cause total engine failure due to overheating and your engine seizing. Cooking your engine is one of the worst things you can do to your car or vehicle. Make sure you always carry extra water in your boot or emergency storage and a roll of gum, putty or anything else that will start out flexible and set hard. This will allow you some respite if you have a small crack or leak. If you have a major issue you will require towing to the nearest service centre.

Why choose Everything Automotive for your cooling system repairs?

At Everything Automotive we have 20 years of experience working with radiators in the tropics. We know what works and what doesn't. We only use the best quality products to ensure that your radiator and cooling system hold up to the punishment that our harsh climate has to offer. To top it all off we have our 100% Guarantee that will cover you for any issues and replacement parts if they arise from any of the work we have done for you.

Understanding your radiator & vehicle's cooling system

Your cooling system is made up of 3 key components

The first component of your cooling system is the radiator. Checking that it carries enough water and coolant and is unblocked will ensure that it is able to cope with the demands of your vehicle. Giving it a good flush each year will assist in removing the buildup of deposits that cause blockages keeping them to an absolute minimum and will also help prevent rust/corrosion from forming which can cause blockages and brittle areas that can form leaks under pressure.

The next major component is the fan and airflow. Ensure that your air intake into your engine bay is not covered over or blocked. Perhaps you have run over a plastic bag that is stuck and blocking the airflow to your radiator. Also check that your fans cut in when required. If you have just gone for a drive of 10 mins or more then your vehicle should have reached a temperature where cooling is needed, particularly in the tropics and warmer climates. Your fans should be running, especially if you are not moving.

The third part covers the internal components, like the water pump, thermostat and the heater. This can be tricky as parts are not easily assessable. However, if your heater hoses or connectors fail, it will generally be immediately noticeable as your vehicle will loose all of its coolant and temperatures will spike very quickly, especially when sitting in traffic.

Your water pump is perhaps the most important part of your cooling system as it is the heart that keeps the coolant running through the engine removing the build up of heat. It usually runs off a pulley at the front of the engine and will generally make a lot of noise if the bearing is worn. Other signs can be poor air conditioning performance, your engine is consistently running hot, coolant puddling on the ground over night or play in the belt.

Thermostats can stick without actually becoming fully non-functional. If you notice that your vehicle starts to heat up then runs very hot before returning to normal running temperature on an intermittent basis then it is very likely you may have a thermostat issue. It is best to replace this as soon as possible as it is generally a simple job with a low price tag. We believe that it is not worth the risk to ruin an engine worth thousands of dollars for the cost of a $15 thermostat.

What coolant should you use?

Coolant is an important part of your cooling system. Always ensure you have the correct ratio of water to coolant and try not to mix coolant types. Antifreeze/anti-boil or water are not ideal coolants when used alone, but when mixed in their specific ratio the boil/freeze point is ideal for all but the most extreme climates. Coolant is generally a corrosion preventative as well as part of your vehicle's temperature control. Different coloured coolants are for different metal types. If you don't know what type of coolant you should put in your vehicle make sure you consult your user manual. Mixing two different types of coolant can create major problems for your engine and cooling system. They can have all kinds of reactions including gumming up your radiator causing major blockages and can even damage your engine. So for the sake of a few dollars we recommend that you follow your user guide and purchase the correct coolant type for your vehicle and do not mix it with any other type. If you are not sure of what your current coolant is, then it is always best to completely flush the radiator and cooling system (including heater hoses etc.) before using the new one to avoid any complications and costly replacements.

Please note that if you experience any irregular temperature activity with your cooling system or radiator it is best to get it looked at and repaired as soon as possible.

Give us a call today on (07) 4054 6661 or book your vehicle in with our online booking form. We look forward to serving you!

Basic cooling system diagram
Basic cooling system diagram
Correct radiator coolant
Ensure you use the correct coolant
Emergency radiator repair
An emergency radiator repair

All work is 100% Guaranteed!

We stand by our work and the quality of parts and consumables we use. After trying our service we know you will too! All work carried out comes with a full 12 month or 20,000km warranty and replacement guarantee.

If, for any reason the parts we have installed fail within 12 months or 20,000km (whichever applies first) we will happily cover the replacement of that part and the time to repair or install a new one. We have never had to cover any faulty workmanship to date, but if in the unlikely event that there is a fault caused by our workmanship, the full cost of repairs and replacement will be covered by us. When you trust us with your motor vehicle know that you are gaining much more than just a service or repair. With everything Automotive you are getting peace of mind and the knowledge that your vehicle is in the best possible condition every time you get on the road.

Parts & Labour 100% Guaranteed!
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