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roadworthy inspection
Have our MTA certified inspector look over your car for complete peace of mind...

Roadworthy certificates & inspections

Book your roadworthy check today at our Woree service centre

At Everything Automotive we have MTA certified inspectors that can look over your car and let you know exactly what needs doing in order to make your vehicle compliant with QLD motor vehicle codes. We can also check over any vehicle for you before you purchase it to ensure there are no hidden surprises! Along with letting you know what to expect from the vehicle down the track. Call our Woree service centre on (07) 4054 6661 and book in your inspection so we can take a look at it for you without the wait, or if you prefer you can use our online booking form and book it in directly (if this is the case please let us know what time best suits in the service box).

Car roadworthy inspection only $75

Trailer roadworthy inspection only $37.50

Buying or selling your car?

When buying or selling any vehicle in Queensland it is compulsory to have a roadworthy certificate to validate it's condition, if of course you are selling or buying it in a registered and roadworthy condition. It is up to the current owner of the vehicle to ensure the road worthiness of any vehicle in their possession prior to sale as any vehicle not passed will have the plates (and therefore registration) removed until such time as the vehicle is once again compliant. This process will occur when you transfer the registration with the Department of Transport. For more information on this process please contact the Dept. of Transport directly.

As part of the roadworthy process we have to check that every system is functioning properly and fully complies will all current regulations. You will be provided with a copy of the inspection report with any and all matters clearly shown as to the vehicle's condition and any repairs required if the vehicle needs to be brought up to code. This can not only help someone selling their vehicle, but will also be of great benefit for the person purchasing the car to know exactly what they can expect from the vehicle.

The only reason we recommend you bring any vehicle in for a roadworthy check before you purchase it, is to ascertain whether the vehicle has been properly checked and repaired from a trustworthy source that has nothing to gain from the sale of the vehicle.

Roadworthy Certificates

Sometimes your vehicle may fall below the minimum safety standard to be allowed on the road. These things may seem minor but when necessary can make the difference between getting home safely... or not. Things like brake lights, horns, wipers, headlights or seat belts etc. not working or perhaps the vehicle is too noisy or the windows are too dark will all throw up a red flag with the authorities and you may be forced to have a roadworthy done to keep the vehicle on the road. No matter what the reason, we can perform the roadworthy check and fix any issues we find quickly and effectively for you and will even offer priority service if your vehicle will be off the road for any amount of time.

Please note that we also provide roadworthy certificates for caravans and trailers.

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